Most people do have questions so here is a quick collection of some of the most common questions or concerns our sellers have. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for stopping by.


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That is a great question - no we're not listing your home on the MLS or taking any kind of listing agreement. We buy houses in Southern California that fit our buying criteria. We repair homes and resell them to anther buyer or keep it as a rental ourselves.

That is a great question and we're glad you asked. Our process is completely transparent and straight forward - We review the location, the repairs needed, overall condition, and review the values of the comparable homes that have sold in the area recently to determine a reasonable and fair price that we can pay. Home values decreased dramatically in 2008, and have not come back in many areas. All of which are taken into consideration so that we can come up with a fair price that works both you and us.

No there are zero fees and commissions when working with us directly. We'll make an offer on your house and if it works for you, we'll buy it. There are zero fees, and zero hassles with working with our Cash for Homes Program! Our money is made once we repair the home, and fix it up so that is ready for the market. At that time we will market the home, sell it for a profit, and make a living. We expect to make a reasonable profit as we take all of the risk and there is always the risk that the home cannot be resold for the right price, and we take a loss. This risk is ours, and you get to walk away from the burden of the property, it's monthly overhead, payments, and often times with cash in YOUR hand!

Real estate agents list homes and work to sell them on the market. that average time it takes to list and sell a home is many areas is 6-12 months! As you know, when you list with an agent you also pay a commission, closing costs, etc which will average 6-7% of the overall sales price. That's $6,000-$7,000 for every $100,000 with average expenses in the $20,000-$30,000 ballpark! For those who have the time, real estate agents provide an exceptional service. In closing, our program actually buys homes, and does not list homes. Since we are the ones buying your home, we make quick decisions on which homes fit our criteria, so you can avoid costly delays.

Absolutely not - there is no obligation at all. Once you tell us a little about your property, we'll review the details, set up a call with you to find out more, and submit our all-cash offer to you that is fair for both you and us. After that, it is 100% your decision as to whether you would like to move forward. We will never hassle or harass you.

That is a good question - yes we can. You'll likely still need to pay your agent's commission, however we can still purchase your home.

Yes we can. Unfortunately this is still very common, and we can work with you and your bank through a process called a "short sale" to buy your home. Please contact us for details.